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Covering a period from 1947 to the present, Taken focused on three different families, each of whom was profoundly affected by extraterrestrial visitation. The Keys family was headed by WWII bomber pilot Russell Keys, who spent virtually his entire adult life haunted by his "close encounter" with aliens. The Clarkes were originally represented by lonely Texas waitress Sally Clarke, who was impregnated by a charming stranger (John) who turned out to be an alien survivor of the Roswell crash. And the lives of the Crawfords were dictated by ruthless Army officer Owen Crawford, who was determined to prove that the government had covered up the truth about Roswell by dedicating his life to tracking down all space aliens and their half-human descendants. The story was narrated by Allie Keys, a "hybrid" child of the present day, whose story determined the outcome of the final episodes.


Season 1.0

1. Beyond the Sky (2002-12-02)
2. Jacob and Jesse (2002-12-03)
3. High Hopes (2002-12-04)
4. Acid Tests (2002-12-05)
5. Maintenance (2002-12-06)
6. Charlie and Lisa (2002-12-09)
7. God's Equation (2002-12-10)
8. Dropping the Dishes (2002-12-11)
9. John (2002-12-12)
10. Taken (2002-12-13)